DMP presents:

Fast Animals & Slow Kids European Tour

colours Hoxton, London, GB

Entry Requirements: 16+

Aimone Romizi (singer, guitarist, percussionist), Alessio Mingoli (drummer), Jacopo Gigliotti (bassist) and Alessandro Guercini (guitarist) began playing together and writing songs in 2008 when they took their first steps in the clubs of their region. Thanks to the energy of their first concerts, the group (which chose the name FAST ANIMALS AND SLOW KIDS inspired by a gag of Family Guy) was hired as an opening act by national and international groups passing through their city, Perugia. In 2010 To Lose la Track published their first EP “Questo è un cioccolatino", well received by music magazines.

Thanks to the win of the Italy Wave Love Sound Contest and the first concerts outside the regional borders, their name began to shoot in the Italian underground and in 2011 they published the first album "Cavalli" which consists of 11 post-punk songs with despicable lyrics and incisive rhythms. The album was the excuse of the group to intensify its live activity, which is still today the soul of the group.

Two years after the first album, the band released the second album "Hybris" (Woodworm, 2013), that showed a group strongly matured compared to the previous work: the sound got richer and the lyrics touched universal themes in a very personal way, relating them to the real experience of being part of a band. The first song of the album, called “A cosa ci serve”, was voted song of the year for readers and editors of the Rockit website and the album was also number one in the readers' preferences of La Repubblica XL. During the tour that followed the release of "Hybris" FASK composed the third album "Alaska" (Woodworm, 2014) that expanded the insights of the previous work making their texts existentialist and their sound personal.

The last date of the tour of "Alaska" recorded a sold out of over three thousand people at the Alcatraz in Milan and in fact Fast Animals & Slow Kids began one of the first Italian indie band to record sold out in that place. After taking a short break, the band composed the fourth album "Forse non è la felicità" (Woodworm) that was released in February 2017. The album received excellent reviews and made FASK one of the most important names in Italian underground rock.

2019 was the year of sound breakthrough and recognition by the general public. Matteo Cantaluppi recorded and produced their fifth album, "Animali Notturni", which was released by Warner Music Italia. The tour that followed, inaugurated by a performance at Primo Maggio concert in Rome, recorded a total of fifty thousand appearances and gave to the band a new and unexpected popularity.

The arrival of the pandemic forced Aimone Romizi, Alessio Mingoli, Jacopo Gigliotti and Alessandro Guercini to revise the plans, and all the concerts were canceled. In that period "Come Conchiglie” was released, that was a song written and recorded at home during the first lockdown. But that’s not all. 2020 was the year in which FASK put themselves to the test in another field by publishing in October the graphic novel "Come reagire al presente" (Beccogiallo), a project that proved to be a great success for the public and critics.

2021 opened with the release of the song "Come un animale" ( followed in April by "Cosa ci direbbe", the first featuring of the FASK, who collaborated with another artist, his friend and colleague Willie Peyote. In June FASK released ”Senza deluderti", that was like an anticipation of the first acoustic tour of the band, called “Dammi Più tempo - Acoustic Tour tour”. In September 2021 FASK and Matteo Cantaluppi produced “È già domani”, which was at number 5 in the official Italian ranking and at number 2 in the vinyl ranking. The Italian Official Ranking demonstrating how the band made a further step forward not only in the lyrics but also in writing songs and production.

2022 was the year of the real return on stage, without limitations related to the pandemic and with the audience that can finally jump and scream under the stage. The occasion was important and it was celebrated with a new song entitled “Vita sperduta", sang live during the spring tranche of the "È GIÀ DOMANI TOUR" (sold out concerts in several cities such as Bologna, Padua, Florence, Turin, Rome and Milan). The summer was an opportunity to continue the conquest of the peninsula with “È già domani ora - TOUR" which ended on September 17 bringing home, in their Perugia, Aimone, Alessandro, Alessio and Jacopo. The day before FASK released “Il tempo è una bugia" with the extraordinary participation of LUCIANO LIGABUE. In March 2023 FASK landed for the first time in the most important Italian theaters with “Una notte con FAST ANIMALS AND SLOW KIDS - Concerto in quattro atti per piccola orchestra da camera" that saw at their side a small chamber orchestra of six elements.

After the success of that new experience in July, FASK performed at the Ravenna Festival and at the Mittelfest of Cividale del Friuli for two unique concerts with thirty elements of the Orchestra Corelli conducted by Maestro Carmelo Emanuele Patti. These concerts were recorded and released as “FASK Dal vivo - con orchestra”, available as double vinyl, double CD and as a digital album.

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Fast Animals & Slow Kids European Tour