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The Slaughtered Lamb, London, GB

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'Between pure intimacy and epic soundscapes' - Soundigger

'Almost as genreless and original as it gets' - Times Of India '...both fiery and vital' - NME

‘[Alluri’s] sounds blends a host of styles and influences from across the globe together into a unique whole’ - The Skinny

Alluri is a musician from Hyderabad, India who’s impossible to categorise, but his music is as grand and euphoric as anything you’d find from Arcade Fire, and has a touch of Morricone too..

Growing up he left behind classical music and soon after began learning guitar in his teen before later studying in the UK. He cites may acts such as Doves, Morrissey, David Bowie, Joy Division and Nick Cave as his main influences.

Alluri’s debut album Man Of Truth, recorded at Brighton Electric Studios in 2015, received huge admiration especially across the UK. Q Magazine and the NME are the most notable features. As well as other noteworthy articles and interviews. Although Alluri’s forte is English, he also created an Album in Telugu, out of love of his mother tongue but with his international musical style.

Throughout 2016/17 he released Texture Composure and Endukala and in February this year headlined at Servant Jazz Quarters to promote his latest release with Killing Moon Records, ‘Evari Kosam’.

Now working between India, the UK and Italy, he recently teamed up with Muse producer/mixer Tommaso Colliva, Italian musician Massimo Martelotta from cult ‘cinematic Italo-funk’ band Calibro 35, and Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols on his latest single ‘Don’t Lose Touch’.

“This guy has something special” said Glen Matlock who later describes Alluri’s cross-cultural version of ‘Anarchy in the UK’ as being “whacked out” but also added he “dug his version, not only its sheer audacity, but for his interesting slant and accomplishment”

Working with the Sex Pistols bassist represented a dream come true for Alluri, who said “It was an absolute pleasure working with Glen” and that the most surreal moment was Glen asking for the chords to his song.

With support from the likes of BBC Asian Network, Amazing Radio, Subcltr London, Smashed Vinyl, Fame Magazine, Gigslutz, and Bestival co-founder Rob Da Bank, Alluri’s unique brand of indie rock is taking the music world by storm, one continent at a time. Previous single ‘Naato Vastavaa’ also reached number 3 on Amazon Prime’s ‘Fresh Telugu’ Playlist, Apple Music India’s ‘A-List’, and Apple France’s Rock Playlist.

Live, Alluri is a force to be reckoned with, having wowed at Tallinn Music Week, Transmusicales, and the NH7 Bacardi Weekender Festival in Pune, India as well as performing further shows in India in preparation for the second album release.

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“Indian indie… might just have its trailblazer” “..Edwyn Collins at his most dreamy and muscular backdrops that clang as authentically as Ride..” John Aizlewood for Q, Jan 2016 Stream Of The Week 17th Jan 2016 “… ‘All The Women’ has a brilliantly caustic lyric about, the politics back home, and sounds both fiery and vital. ‘It’s With You’, meanwhile, is underpinned by a neat Kinks-influenced riff.” - Matt Wilkinson

Redd Alluri is a 28 year old singer and songwriter hailing from Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana state in Southern India. He is currently based in London and recorded this album at Brighton’s Electric Studios.

His home town, like much of India had little or no contemporary music scene around his formative years and it wasn’t until his older brother returned from university that Redd first heard western rock music.

From Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke on the Water’ to Guns N’ Roses his teenage years were littered with the bigger rock acts that managed to squeeze through the country’s obsession with cinema and the state version of Bollywood known as ‘Tollywood’.

With some stars aligned Redd’s interest in British comedy The Office led him to Ricky Gervais’s XFM Podcasts and the revelatory sounds of The Smiths, Joy Division, Radiohead and Nick Cave.

First single ‘All The Women’ is a politically sensitive commentary taken from the thoughts of a few female friends who noted; The sense of freedom experienced whilst walking around cities like London draws a stark contrast with their home country. Album title track ‘Man Of Truth’ is a schizophrenic narrative that presents the voices of young Indian men against the charlatan spiritual leaders so often associated with the continent.

Live performances are kicking off on February 5th at Nottingham’s Jamcafe, full tour dates to be announced. The live band is a three piece featuring Gavin Jay and Phil Martini from Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind on bass and drums respectively.

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Paul Aiden is an artist and songwriter based in London, working internationally across a range of genres – from EDM to folk, rock, R&B and pop. Originally signed as a recording artist with Universal Australia, the past years have seen him concentrating on writing for others, whilst also appearing as a featured artist on multiple releases worldwide.

Paul has had success in different territories around the world, including multiple chart positions in the UK and North America (inc. USA number 2 iTunes/Canada number 3 iTunes dance), number 2 in Denmark, number 3 in Romania and a radio hit in Brazil. His songs have had radio play in the UK, USA, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Belgium, Brazil, Romania, France, Australia and Germany. Combined streams of his songs are now over 3 Million, with 11 Million combined views on YouTube. Songs have gained press worldwide with features in Billboard USA.

Over the past 3 years, his songwriting has seen him working in Sweden, Germany, Italy, Dubai and Australia, collaborating with a wide variety of artists. He is currently working with 3Beat/Universal, Axtone, Size, Warner Germany, Armada, Spinnin’, Ministry of Sound, WEA USA, PRMD/Universal and more – with artists from the UK, USA, Sweden, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Scandinavia, Belgium and Holland.

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North London singer, songwriter drawing inspiration from life and this wild city. Hoping to really connect with people through my music. Trying to avoid being confined to one genre , as I'm always experimenting with sounds and styles and generally just like to go with 'feeling'.

Thank you for listening and I hope to be able to come and perform for you guys :)

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