DMP presents:

Tom Pointer

+ Ciircus Street

Servant Jazz Quarters, London, GB

Entry Requirements: 18+

Southampton born, Tom Pointer prides himself on his live performances, as his distinctive soulful tone, honest lyrics and vibrant pop melodies showcase a natural talent reminiscent of James Bay, Paolo Nutini and Alabama Shakes. Tom’s retirement from professional rugby in 2014 due to a broken back would prove a significant turning point and a catalyst to his creativity. While on the long road to recovery at university he rediscovered his unique voice, drawing on past and present experiences to hone his personal style.

Relocating to London, his songwriting drew the attention on the open mic scene and that of producer Lewi White (Devlin, F/H Block). An exciting collaboration began as they started writing and recording together in Lewi’s North London studio, which lead to the release of his debut single ‘Ruby’ in October 2017. The release received airplay on both BBC Introducing and BBC Radio London.

Of his next release, 'Nobody', Tom elaborates on the meaning behind the track’s crunching drums & choral chants.

“Nobody is a song about false pretenses. Not just of people, but also of the world we live in. Most people grow up being told strictly how life works, “you need this to do that, you can’t do that without this.” In my experience you should always rely on your personal instinct. You should make your own story.”

Support on the night comes from Ciircus Street.

Line Up

Tom Pointer

Reading based indie-pop duo, Ciircus Street, are firmly putting their stamp on the current world of popular music. Consisting of Sam Brett (vocals/ guitar) and Jim Crowder (vocals/ keyboard), the duo was formed one night in Oxford after walking past the city’s ‘Circus Street’. Both the boys agreed it would make a good band name, but it wasn’t until later that night when they attended a gig and knocked back a few drinks, that the pair decided to form a duo.

Whilst Sam and Jim list notable artists such as James Morrison, Jack Johnson and Ed Sheeran as their inspirations, when it comes to writing music, the pair admit that they are in fact influenced significantly by each other. Consequently, it is clear to see the chemistry between the two which bounces off each other, forming Ciircus Street’s individual sound. Think attitude-filled, acoustic guitar mixed with perfectly harmonising vocals - uniquely described in the past as a mixture of ‘salt and honey’, displaying the contrasting, yet compatible nature of their voices.

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